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Just write us a message. We will be happy to advise you if you are unsure whether the fresh air is suitable for you and your window - preferably on WhatsApp with a photo (+49 172 8263343).

Please also let us know if you have any other questions or problems that are not answered in the FAQs.


How does the fresh air window sill work?

The fresh air is hung in the window frame and opens with your window as soon as you want to ventilate. No drilling or gluing is required and the window remains intact at all times.

Can I still tilt my window?

Yes you can! The tilt angle of windows is small enough that your items usually just stay in place.

How much weight can the fresh air carry?

You can fill the fresh air with a variety of books and plant pots without any worries. The total load should not exceed 5 kg.

Is the fresh air easy to install?

The fresh air consists of only three components and four screws.
Neither drilling nor gluing is required and the easy installation usually takes only 10 minutes.

Where can I find the assembly instructions?

We have included assembly instructions in the package. You can find video instructions under "How does it work?".

What are the dimensions of the fresh air window sill?

It is 12cm deep and available in different lengths from 35 to 100cm.

What do I need to consider with the DIY fresh air brackets?

The fresh air holders only contain the holder parts and no board. You can get one to suit your requirements, for example at your local hardware store. We recommend a sturdy piece of wood with a thickness of 15-20 mm. Overall, the homemade fresh air should not weigh more than 5 kg and should be tested for stability before use.
to avoid accidents. Further information can be found in the
Operating instructions listed.

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